Semrush SEO Crash Exam Answers 2022

Exam Name: Semrush SEO Crash Exam

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Q1. What are the 3 “key ranking factors” that Google uses in their algorithm?

  • Authority
  • Usefulness
  • Relevancy
  • CSS
  • Loading speed

Q2. Why is keyword research considered the “most important” part of SEO? Choose two answers.

  • Keywords impact nearly every other SEO task.
  • Keywords can help you find an exact match domain.
  • Keywords give you insight into your customers.
  • Keywords are what you use in the “meta keywords” tag.

Q3. What are “seed keywords”?

  • Keywords that you enter into keyword research tools
  • Keywords that target a specific demographic
  • Keywords that are low competition
  • Keywords that have high monthly search volumes

Q4. Which are the 3 main factors that go into choosing a keyword?

  • Keyword length
  • Competition
  • Revenue potential
  • Search volume

Q5. Which types of keywords should new websites focus on?

  • Low-competition keywords
  • High CPC keywords
  • Keywords that your competitors rank for
  • High-volume keywords

Q6. What makes the Expanded List Post unique?

  • Expands an existing piece of content
  • Includes lots of details and steps
  • Optimized for social media sharing
  • Includes 100+ items

Q7. Which strategies can help with your on-page SEO? Choose three answers.

  • Adding keywords to your page’s meta description
  • Optimizing your site’s user experience (UX)
  • Using internal linking
  • Optimizing your title tag
  • Including your keyword 10x per 1000 words

Q8. What are the 3 main features of a “quality backlink”?

  • Editorially placed
  • Relevancy
  • Website and page authority
  • Placed in a website footer
  • From a guest post

Q9. Which SEO metrics are important to track? choose four answers.

  • Keyword rankings
  • Facebook shares
  • Clicks and impressions
  • Pageviews
  • Organic traffic
  • Traffic cost