SEMrush Management, Reporting, and Collaboration Test Answers 2022

Exam Name: SEMrush Management, Reporting, and Collaboration Test

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Q1. There are many widgets on the SEO dashboard, with many data sources. From which of the various sources can information be found in widgets? Choose 3 answers.

  • SEMrush Organic Research
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush Advertising Research
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics

Q2. Guru and business subscribers can add their logo into the reports. True or false?

  • TRUE

Q3. Fill in the blank. By connecting My Reports with Google ___, among other widgets, you can get New vs Returning Visitors, Top Traffic Channels and Top Page Views.

  • Analytics
  • My Business
  • Shopping
  • Search Console

Q4. It is possible to link your campaigns in the Marketing Calendar to your real campaigns in Google Analytics by using UTM tags. True or false?

  • TRUE

Q5. What subscription allows you to produce a White Label Report where all mentions of SEMrush are avoided, even in the email address from which the report is sent?

  • Guru
  • Pro
  • Business

Q6. Connecting GA with SEO dashboard we get traffic data based on:

  • Only organic traffic data
  • All the traffic data (referral, direct, organic, all devices and locations)
  • Only direct and organic traffic data

Q7. Fill in the blanks ___subscribers can only have ___marketing calendar(s); ___subscribers can create unlimited calendars and also share the calendar in___ mode. This means that anyone can view the calendar through access to an external link, with or without an SEMrush account.

  • Guru, 1, Business, read-only
  • Guru, 2, Business, read-only
  • Pro, 2, Guru, edit
  • Guru, 1, Business, edit