SEMrush Content-Led SEO Exam Answers 2022

Exam Name: SEMrush Content-Led SEO Exam

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Q1. What are Linkreators?

  • A specific type of backlink
  • Bloggers and journalists in your niche
  • Tools for building backlinks to your site

Q2. What are Medium Tail Keywords?

  • Keywords that are highly likely to convert
  • Keywords with high search volumes
  • Keywords with relatively moderate search volumes
  • Low competition keywords

Q3. What is the #1 goal of a Power Page?

  • Converting visitors into leads and customers
  • Building backlinks
  • Getting lots of blog comments
  • Going viral on social media

Q4. Which Power Page Content Framework is focused on data?

  • Awardsbait
  • The Industry Study
  • The Detailed Checklist
  • The Go-To Guidebook

Q5. Which Power Page Content Framework is best for building relationships?

  • The Trademark Technique
  • Awardsbait
  • Expanded List Post
  • The Go-To Guidebook

Q6. Which Power Page Content Framework is best for establishing yourself as an expert in your niche?

  • The Trademark Technique
  • The Industry Study
  • The Go-To Guidebook
  • The Detailed Checklist

Q7. Which phase of content promotion should be done first?

  • The social media phase
  • The link building phase
  • The eyeball phase
  • The outreach phase

Q8. Which link building strategy focuses on fixing broken resources?

  • The Skyscraper Technique
  • Roundup link building
  • Content curator link building
  • Renovation link building

Q9. What are “Shoulder Niches”?

  • Niches unrelated to your niche
  • Industries somewhat related to your niche
  • Niches directly related to your nice

Q10. Which tactics can help improve organic CTR?

  • All the options
  • Using brackets
  • Using emotional sentiment
  • Writing short title tags
  • Adding numbers to title tags

Q11. What is Dwell Time?

  • Amount of time a user spends on a page
  • How long it takes a webpage to load
  • Average reading level of a written piece of content
  • Another term for bounce rate

Q12. Why is search intent important?

  • Helps you automatically optimize for UX signals
  • Helps Google index more of your pages
  • Makes it easier to implement on-page SEO
  • Improves average page loading speed

Q13. What’s the first step to scaling up content production?

  • Auditing your existing content process
  • Hiring writers
  • Generating more keyword ideas
  • Updating your existing content

Q14. What’s a reliable way to get high-quality writing delivered from freelancers?

  • Send them a list of keywords to start with
  • Emphasize the importance of the assignment
  • Ask them to submit a writing sample

Q15. What are “Stat Keywords”?

  • Keywords that have known search volume and cpc data
  • Keywords that people use to find stats
  • Keywords that are especially important for business goals
  • Keywords that have low competition

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