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Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge (Instructor Version)

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Addressing Table


The network administrator asked you to configure a new switch. In this activity, you will use a list of requirements to configure the new switch with initial settings, SSH, and port security.


  • Configure S1 with the following initial settings:
    • Hostname
    • Banner that includes the word warning
    • Console port login and password cisco
    • Encrypted enable password of class
    • Encrypt plain text passwords
    • Management interface addressing
  • Configure SSH to secure remote access with the following settings:
    • Domain name of com
    • RSA key-pair parameters to support SSH version 2
    • Set SSH version 2
    • User admin with secret password ccna
    • VTY lines only accept SSH connections and use local login for authentication
  • Configure the port security feature to restrict network access:
    • Disable all unused ports.
    • Set the interface mode to access.
    • Enable port security to allow only two hosts per port.
    • Record the MAC address in the running configuration.
    • Ensure that port violations disable ports.


config t
service password-encryption
hostname S1
enable secret class
ip ssh version 2
ip domain-name cisco.com
username admin secret ccna
crypto key generate rsa
interface range FastEthernet0/1 - 2
switchport mode access
switchport port-security
switchport port-security maximum 2
switchport port-security mac-address sticky
interface range FastEthernet0/3 - 24 , g1/1 - 2
interface Vlan1
ip address
no shutdown
banner motd #Warning, unauthorized access is prohibited#
line con 0
password cisco
line vty 0 15
login local
transport input ssh